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1. Will I go to jail?

The risk of going to jail greatly increases if you do not have an attorney that specializes in drug cases. To navigate all the variables that accompany a drug charge by yourself is a recipe for failure. Success is a function of preparation, knowledge, and experience. These are the three things that I bring to your case as a professional Canton DUI Attorney.

2. Do I really need an attorney that specializes in drugs cases?

YES. There are Law Enforcement Agencies and Prosecuting Attorney Offices that have entire divisions that only handle drug crimes. These consist of officers and attorneys that specialize in making and prosecuting drug crimes. You are at a severe disadvantage if your attorney does not specialize in drug cases like the opposition.

3. Can an officer just search me, my home, or my car?

No. The Georgia and United States Constitution guarantees your right to privacy. There are mountains of laws that explain when and how law enforcement can legally search a person or place. Not to mention, Georgia appellate courts issue new decisions almost weekly that create new rules for searches and explain old ones. A large part of specializing in drug cases means being up to date and understanding the changing landscape of search laws.

4. What if my family member or I have a drug problem?

Most times, a drug charge is directly related to a substance addiction. Though I will aggressively defend your drug charge, the defense would be incomplete without incorporating rehabilitation. If you or your family member is ready, rehabilitation and treatment for substance addiction can be a key part to the best resolution of your case.

5. Do I get a guarantee that my case will be dismissed?

No. Steer clear of anyone who will make guarantees like this. I will not guarantee that your case will be dismissed, but I will guarantee that every effort will be taken and every resource used to get the best resolution. In every case, you can count on guaranteed honesty, hard work and courtesy.