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Why a Probation Attorney Canton GA is Important

When an individual has been taken through a legal process and found to be guilty he or she is likely to go through a period of probation. While this may seem like a sort of relief the truth is that probation sets you up for failure. Each of your moves are closely monitored meaning that any error in the terms and conditions stipulated can get you charged for violating terms. Some of the things that may happen during probation include the inability to pay an amount as agreed, committing a new crime, failure to carry out a community service as directed or absconding. Regardless of the term or conditions that you are unable to meet getting charged with probation violation can lead to a number of consequences.

Probation Violations in Canton, GA

Termination of probation – this basically means that when an individual is presented before a judge the probation supervisor gives a good report and the judge decides to end the probation. This is the best outcome and is often based on the way the accused person has tried to adhere to the rules and regulations that are stipulated.

Extension of probation – if the supervising official presents strong reservations and gives reasons why you may not have been able to fully comply with the rules of probation the judge may find it fit to extend your period of probation. While this is not necessarily a bad thing the truth is that an extended period of time under state watch increases the possibility for you to fail and end up being charged with probation violations.

Short jail sentence – when you are found guilty of violating probation terms you may end up getting thrown into jail for a short period of time. This may be between two to three days depending on the particular violation that you are accused of.

Confinement in response to violation – in this case, the individual that is on probation is found to have intentionally violated the terms stipulated. The case is often severe enough to compel the judge to sentence the accused for a period of up to 90 days. This jail time may either be added to your underlying sentence or count as a completely different sentence.

Revocation – when an individual is found to have committed a new crime or continues living as before the judge may revoke or remove the terms of probation forcing the individual to serve the original sentence to completion.

While on probation there are several terms stipulated that you may not be aware of and can, therefore, end up breaking them. A professional attorney will always be on hand to give sound advise. The attorney is able to plead your case in an intelligent manner so that the judge is convinced to let the probation run to completion. The professional attorney is able to handle all your paperwork and follows up on any other issues that may be required legally. This frees up your time to perform other important duties. Make sure you contact a professional probation attorney in Canton, GA that knows how to best handle a probation violation. Give Micahel Vereen, III a call today for your free consultation. We are here to help!