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What is Prescription Fraud?

With the demand for prescription drugs on the rise, prescription fraud is increasingly becoming a popular drug crime. Prescription fraud is the crime of using theft, forgery, or deceptive methods to obtain a prescription. This can include stealing another person’s prescription, forging a doctor’s signature to obtain a prescription, pretending to be someone else to get a prescription, using false identification to obtain a prescription, altering a prescription, or trying to obtain the same prescription from multiple doctors.

There are many reasons why people commit prescription fraud. Maybe they want to resell a popular drug to make a large profit, such as Vicodin and OxyContin. Maybe they want to use the chemicals in the drugs to manufacture another type of drug. Or maybe they just want to obtain the drugs for their own pleasure, as is often the case with drugs like Valium, Morphine, Demerol, and Xanax.

Penalties for Prescription Fraud in Atlanta

Whether you committed prescription fraud for your own personal gain or for someone else, the penalties for such a crime are severe. The judges and prosecutors have no tolerance for people who commit prescription fraud in Atlanta, and will do everything possible to ensure you are punished for your actions. Because prescription fraud is a felony offense, the penalties for such a crime will be severe. Incarceration, steep fines, community service, and long probation are just some of the legal ramifications you will face. If you are a practicing doctor or physician, you may lose your medical license, which as you know will be incredibly damaging to your career. Furthermore, if you are found in unlawful possession of prescription drugs, you can also be charged with drug possession, which will result in additional penalties.

Contact Atlanta Prescription Fraud Lawyer

Prescription fraud is a serious criminal offense that must be handled by a highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced Canton DUI attorney. You will be subjected to lengthy investigations, rigorous questioning, and harsh prosecution. You need to hire an attorney who is not only experienced in this area of law, but who can also provide you with advice and guidance during this difficult process. I can take on the prosecution and ensure that your rights are protected from the beginning of your case to the end. I know you have a lot riding on this case—your reputation, your job, your financial security, your dignity—and that’s why I am 100% committed to building the strongest and toughest defense possible. I will vigorously contest the prosecution’s case against you, and fight hard to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense or thrown out completely.