4th and Subsequent Offenses

///4th and Subsequent Offenses
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In the State of Georgia, if you are charged and convicted of four (4) or more DUIs within 10 years, you face felony penalties.
Because the stakes are higher, the penalties are higher. Contact me immediately to discuss your case and to fight for your license and your rights!

If you’re facing your 4th (or subsequent) DUI in 10 years in Georgia, you face between $1000 and $5000 fine (plus court costs), and between 1 and 5 years of jail (of which at least 90 days must be served). You are also subject to at least 60 days of Community Service, the DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program, completion of a drug and alcohol clinical evaluation, and treatment if recommended, and 5 years probation (less any time you spent in jail). Your vehicle is subject to forfeiture, as well.

In addition, you face a 5 year revocation of your driving privileges, license plate confiscation, potential ignition interlock, and depending on your particular case and the jurisdiction, other conditions as well. Only in certain instances will you be able to obtain a probationary license to drive after a certain period of time. Because the stakes of a DUI conviction in Georgia are so high, especially if it is your second, third, or fourth (or more), you MUST contact an attorney in order to make sure your case is handled properly, your rights are protected, and you are not dragged around by the courts.